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Each & Every's Cannabis & Green Tea has a fresh, herbal and slightly sweet scent.

Cannabis & Green Tea deodorant is a fan fave, but we've also gotten questions about the scent and we wanted to create a quick FAQ guide to help answer anything and everything about the Cannabis & Green Tea scent.

Why Cannabis & Green Tea?
Why not? But seriously, it's been one of our most requested scents. And transparently, we were super excited to blend cannabis oil with some other great scents to create a spa-like scent.

What does it smell like?
Don't worry! We didn't create a dank, skunky scent if that's what you're thinking. Our Cannabis & Green Tea scent is actually a fresh, herbal, slightly sweet smell that's reminiscent of a spa day retreat.  

What's the deodorant made of?
The formula includes all of the core ingredients that all Each & Every deodorants contain. We added cannabis oil and a variety of other essential oils to give the product its scent. Specifically, the cannabis oil is derived from the hemp strain of the cannabis sativa plant. All of the ingredients are listed here (see image of the label for the full list).

How is the cannabis oil made? Is there a carrier oil?
Hemp seeds are cold pressed to extract the oil. The oil does not require a carrier oil to dilute it or help it to absorb in the skin. In fact, cannabis oil is often used as a carrier oil with other essential oils.

Will it get me high?
No, our deodorant will not get you high. There is no THC or CBD in the formula.

Why cannabis oil? What at are the benefits?
Cannabis oil is known for being rich in antioxidants and fatty acids. It's also a great moisturizer.

We are currently performing research studies on the benefits of cannabis oil in our deodorant. And until studies are complete, we don't feel comfortable making any additional claims. But we can tell you it smells like heaven.

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