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Vibe: Stay in the lavender haze all day every day. One sniff check is all it takes to find a moment of calm during the 9-5…or to inspire an IRL frolic in the French lavender fields thanks to those saved airline miles. This scent brings the instant zen and mental sunshine.

Described By Real Humans As: Fresh, herbal, spa-like, aromatic, relaxing, crisp, invigorating, not overly perfume-y

Reminds Us Of: Freshly showered skin, springtime blooms and an ice cold tumbler of lemon water

Smells Like: Floral, rustic scent of lavender balanced with a splash of uplifting lemon

Feels Like: clean, lightweight but surprisingly creamy on skin

Sourced From: Provence, France (Lavender Oil)

Made From: 100% natural blend of lemon essential oil and lavender oils, known for calming properties

Fun Fact: Our first ever scent launch and #1 seller to this day


USD $40 ($44 Value)

USD $24

Lavender & Lemon Shampoo & Conditioner Duo

USD $54 ($60 VALUE)