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The Scent Icons: Sandalwood & Black Pepper


           Vibe: Exotic, moody and seductive. This surprisingly complex scent can smell creamy and sweet in one moment and ruggedly woody in the next—there’s really no other option but to indulge the thrill, tap into your dark side and embrace the allure.

      Described By Real Humans As: spicy, creamy, like a warm candle you light at home, fine fragrance, woodsy, tobacco notes, not too strong, mildly sweet   

      Reminds Us Of: stiff cocktails in smokey bars, that perfectly broken in leather jacket that fits like a glove, the glow, crackle and pop of a nighttime campfire

      Smells Like:  a rich blend of warm woody base notes with the spicy zest of pepper—this earthy scent is masculine in nature but perfectly balanced for all genders.

      Feels Like: silky smooth on skin with a hint of warm, sexy spice that lingers

      Sourced From: Ontario, Canada (Cedarwood Oil)

      Fun Fact: Our most buzzworthy scent with the highest ratings and reviews of any fragrance 


USD $20

USD $20

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