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Each & Every Ingredient Matters


We create high quality products without complicated chemicals – Each & Every ingredient matters.

Our products are made with simple, clean ingredients that actually work.

When we started creating our deodorant, we started with a clean slate - choosing only ingredients with a low safety risk according to the Environmental Working Group (EWG). EWG's Skin Deep database scans products and their ingredient list against scientific research and toxicity, chemical hazards, and regulatory databases, and assigns a safety rating for each ingredient and the overall product. EWG rated our product and it shows up as green for low health and hazard risk in the Skin Deep database!

We intentionally avoided common irritating ingredients like baking soda, and focused instead on simple, clean ingredients - like coconut oil and minerals from the dead sea - that work together to reduce body odor.

It was also really important to us to not have synthetic fragrance, so we found high quality essential oils to give the deodorant an incredible scent. The result is an aluminum free, paraben free, clean deodorant that goes on silky smooth and keeps you odor free all day.

Check out our ingredients below and their EWG Skin Deep scores here :

Photograph of Coconut oil in a small black bowl


Coconut oil used for skin conditioning.

Photograph of Tapioca Startch in a small wooden bowl


A starch derived from the root of the cassava plant.

Photograph of Sea Salt in a small brown bowl


Antioxidant salt used to fight odor causing bacteria.

Photograph of minerals in a small wooden bowl

Dead Sea

Used to control odor

Photograph of wax beads in a small glass dish


Earth wax, is used to give the product structure.

Photograph of a small glass bowl of oil with a glass eyedropper

Essential Oils

A blend of 100% natural essential oils give the products their scent with no synthetic or artificial fragrance.