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5 Reasons Men Should Try Each & Every's Natural Deodorant

Natural beauty and personal care products have become a lot more popular in recent years. But it’s not just women buying naturals. Men care about what’s in their products too.

Men account for about 30% of our total sales, and it’s growing. Here are some of the most common responses we get from men on why they like Each & Every.

  1. It works – It’s that simple. Each & Every lasts all day, even when you’re roasting in a suit or working out at the gym.
  2. Simple ingredients – Each & Every was created with simple, clean ingredients that that are verified safe by the Environmental Working Group.
  3. Easy to apply – Men like that Each & Every goes on smoothly. Unlike other natural deodorants that are chalky or gritty, E&E won’t pull your hair or clump.
  4. Designed with sensitive skin in mind – We avoid baking soda and alcohol which can cause irritation in some people.
  5. No stains – Each & Every goes on clear, keeping any stains away.

Picking a natural deodorant can feel like a gamble, which is why our researchers and formulators spent years perfecting the formula. Our scents are designed to be unisex, but men tend to favor Cedar & Vanilla, which has a mild, woodsy scent, and Citrus & Vetiver, which has an uplifting, refreshing scent.

Check Out Our Reviews From Verified Customers

See what Each & Every male users are saying about the experience:

“My wife bought this for me. It’s deodorant. It works well.” – Brandon

“Great product. It is the only one (this and the citrus vetivert) that I can use everyday without having an allergic reaction to. No rashes or discomfort and it works = no smell.” - Jason

“Great product. I still sweat but I always smell good and skin is happy. A solid product.” - Jared

“I’ve tried several aluminum free deodorants. They all were either too strong or didn’t work. Each & Every have figured it out. Works great, smells great and lasts. Definitely have a long-term customer now.” - Dan

"I’m happy to know that all ingredients are all natural, great scent and glides on very smooth unlike any other natural deodorant I’ve tried.” - Alan

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  • I am a pretty stinky guy, Each and Every completely works, all day. I have the cedarwood, citrus vert, and the lavender. All three work well and smell really great. I’ve tried several other brands of natural deodorant and E&E is far and away the best in: texture, smell, and performance!


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