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A Guide to Active Ingredients in Deodorants


Learn about the active ingredients most commonly used in deodorants

Have you ever wondered what was in your deodorant that keeps odor causing bacteria away and you smelling great – in other words, what is the active ingredient

The Each & Every team has spent a lot of time researching this to ensure that our deodorant contains EWG-verified, safe active ingredients you can feel good about putting on your body AND that will provide you with the best odor protection throughout the day. 

Here is a little bit more information on three ingredients that are commonly used for odor protection in deodorants. 

Aluminum – This ingredient is the active ingredient in antiperspirant deodorants. It works by being absorbed into your sweat ducts and forming a plug.  This is what keeps you from sweating.  In addition to aluminum creating a dry environment (via blocking sweat ducts) where it is harder to grow bacteria, it also is an antimicrobial (kills off bacteria).  Here at Each & Every we believe sweating is a natural process, so we do not use aluminum or plug sweat ducts with other chemicals

Baking Soda – Several natural deodorants on the market use baking soda for odor control. Baking soda works to keep odor causing bacteria at bay by creating a high pH environment that is too harsh for the bacteria to grow in.  The problem with baking soda though is that it is very water soluble…. So when you sweat it very quickly all gets solubilized.  This means it very quickly changes the pH on your skin, which can cause irritation for some people.  It also means that it is all used up right away when you first sweat, not leaving you as protected throughout the day.  This is why Each & Every is baking soda free.

Magnesium Hydroxide/Magnesium Carbonate Hydroxide (simple name = Dead Sea Salt) – This is the active ingredient used in Each & Every. It works very similarly to baking soda, creating a high pH environment that is hostile for bacteria growth.  The great thing about magnesium hydroxide though is that it is not as water soluble, so when you sweat it slowly changes the pH of your skin to give your skin time to adjust and not get irritated.  It also then lasts a lot longer through this slow release mechanism – more like pacing for a marathon than a sprint to keep you protected all day.  Another fun fact is that Each & Every sources our magnesium hydroxide directly from the Dead Sea using only natural processes to “harvest” it – look for more information on that process in the future! 

Each & Every believes that ingredients matter – check out all of our ingredients.

Have more questions about Each & Every and ingredients that we use – please reach out and ask! If you'd like to give Each & Every a try, you can try our 8 piece Mini Discovery Set below. 

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