Foolproof Ways to Prevent and Remove Deodorant Stains Forever

Learn about the types of stains deodorant can cause and how to prevent them

We get asked about deodorant stains all the time from customers who are considering making the switch to Each & Every. And we’re always happy to answer these questions and tell people that deodorant stains don’t have to be an annoying fact of life. 

Read our guide below and find out some time tested ways to both prevent and remove the most common armpit and clothing stains caused by deodorants.

Yellow Stains on Clothing

 A photo of a yellow deodorant stain on a white men's tee shirt

Yellow stains most commonly show up on white clothing, especially white undershirts.

Causes: Yellow stains are caused by a chemical reaction that occurs when aluminum, the active ingredient in antiperspirant, interacts with your sweat.

How to prevent it: Switch to an aluminum-free deodorant, like Each & Every, and you won’t have to worry about yellow stains!

How to remove stains:

  • Baking soda & peroxide: Mix equal parts baking soda, hydrogen peroxide and water and rub into stains. After, wash normally with your preferred enzyme-based detergent.
  • Lemons: If the stains are relatively recent, squeeze some lemon juice onto the stains and wash with your preferred enzyme-based detergent.

    White Stains on Clothing

     A photo of a white deodorant stain on a black dress

    White stains are a common concern, most visibly occurring with dark clothing that shows white streaks or marks after applying deodorant.

    Causes: White stains are caused by the ingredients in deodorant - baking soda and other powders can be a common culprit!

    How to prevent it: Make sure to give the deodorant a few seconds to absorb into the skin after applying OR put deodorant on after you’re dressed. Choosing a formula with fewer powder-based ingredients like baking soda and arrowroot powder can also help.

    Note: A lot of people choose clear formulas to avoid white stains, but even if a deodorant stick looks clear in color, it can still cause stains. Each & Every goes on clear and dries clear!

    How to remove stains:

    • Panty hose: Take a pair of panty hose or tights and put them over your hand and rub the affected spot.
    • Dish soap: Use a bit of water and Dawn dish soap and apply to the affected area.

    Oil Stains on Clothing

      Oil stains are another big clothing concern, as they can be unsightly and difficult to get out of clothing.

    Causes: Oil stains are typically caused by deodorants that use any type of oil as their base.

    How to prevent it: Ensure you’re not applying too much deodorant (2-3 swipes on each underarm should do) AND make sure you give the deodorant a few seconds to absorb into the skin after applying.

    Each & Every is oil based, but we use a coconut oil that absorbs quickly into skin to help prevent oil staining.

    How to remove stains:
    Dish soap & detergent: Pre-treat the stain with a bit of water and Dawn dish soap and apply to the affected area. After, wash in warm or hot water and use an enzyme-based detergent.

    Dark Pit Discoloration

    A photo of dark discoloration of the underarm area due to baking soda Some deodorants can actually darken your underarm skin, causing the skin to look dark brown or black.

    Causes: Darkening of the underarms can be found with traditional and natural deodorants. In traditional deodorants, it’s typically a sensitivity or reaction to the aluminum. In natural deodorants, it’s most commonly a reaction to baking soda.

    How to prevent it: Switch to natural deodorant that does not contain baking soda, like Each & Every. Our formula is baking soda free, helping to prevent discoloration and irritation.

    How to remove stains: Unfortunately, there’s no easy solution here, outside of switching to a deodorant without baking soda. With that said, the darkening should go away a few weeks after switching.


    At Each & Every, we knew we wanted to create a safe deodorant that tackled many of the frustrating issues people experienced with their traditional and natural deodorants.

    Our base formula uses 5 clean ingredients + 100 natural essential oils and avoids ingredients like baking soda and other powders to prevent annoying clothing stains and underarm darkening. You can shop from 8 great scents below, and feel comfortable knowing that we have a no-hassle, money back guarantee.

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