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Deodorant and antiperspirant can look nearly identical, especially when you’re walking down a store aisle or scrolling though product pages online. However, these products are actually designed to serve very different functions and the science behind each stick may surprise you. Here’s the scoop on all things sweat, stink and self care.

Let’s start with the basics of body chemistry. Why do we sweat? What causes body odor? And are they related?

  • Sweat actually starts out odorless and consists of  water, salt, fat and protein blend released throughout the day from glands under the skin. This is a natural function that helps regulate body temperature and detox from environmental pollutants.
  • Only when sweat mixes with natural bacteria that live on skin’s surface and starts to break down is body odor released
  • Your sweat can smell very different depending on its source. Stress sweat releases different chemicals than sweat from heat or exercise—the unique rush of adrenaline activates your apocrine glands and creates a stress response that smells stronger than normal sweat

Targeting sweat vs. stink requires different science. Luckily, we have a cheat sheet to help break down and compare your body care.

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