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Start the new year with a clean slate and more natural you!

After all the chaos, celebration and indulgence of the holidays, many of us look to ring in the new year with a health reset. Yet, when the ball drops and the dust settles, knowing how and where to start on your list of resolutions can feel daunting. It’s easy to get lost in the clutter of counting calories, closing rings and tracking steps, instead of bringing awareness back to health basics: what we put in and on our body every day. We believe that holistic health begins not with push-ups or PRs, but with the quality of our personal care products, where each and every ingredient matters. Before the ball drops, check out our simple, sustainable resolutions to reset your routine and start the new year with the cleanest slate yet!

RESOLUTION 1: Ring in the research

Before making any quick changes, start by educating yourself on the overarching differences between synthetic and natural ingredients and the benefits of switching to clean beauty products so you feel confident in the ‘why’ behind your resolution. Understand what key ingredients to avoid, where they are commonly used and the risk they impose on your health and the environment. Identify your ingredient priorities and key considerations as you look to overhaul your routine—for example, is your sensitive skin a higher priority than performance? Is sustainable packaging a nice to have or a critical need? It’s never easy to find a goldilocks solution but identifying your most important criteria will help you minimize sacrifice as you discover new clean beauty staples.

At Each & Every, we strive to design our products to eliminate trade-offs and address all key consumer needs. We hold ourselves to our clean criteria that’s Cruelty-Free, Vegan, EWG-verified, ethically sourced, naturally-derived, free from artificial ingredients and proven to work.

RESOLUTION 2: Pop the existing bottles

Invest the time to go through your current beauty products to learn more about the ingredients you’ve been using in your hair, skin, and body regimen to date. Develop the habit of paying attention to the labels on your products, specifically the ingredient list, and adopt tools like the Environmental Working Group’s Skin Deep database to help you decode what you read. Pay special attention to the top five ingredients on an ingredient list which make up the majority of the product’s formula and how ingredients or scents that appear natural actually translate on the ingredient statement. Use this exercise to grade how your current products stack up and help guide where to prioritize intervention first to make the most impact.

Luckily, Each & Every is formulated with ingredients verified by the EWG to help take the guesswork out of our products.

RESOLUTION 3: Don’t drop the ball when you shop

It’s easy to assume that products are clean based on claims or marketing language on their packaging, or even from the design of the package itself, but transparency is never guaranteed. In fact, many “clean” products still contain synthetic fragrance or claim “recyclable” packaging that only applies to certain parts of a bottle, instead of the whole. The only way to know if a product is truly clean is to read the ingredient label and confirm that “lavender scent” is derived from real lavender or that an “earth-friendly formula” is means 100% natural ingredients.

We translate every line of our INCI lists to simple, common names because we are proud of our high quality, clean, and effective ingredients—and have nothing to hide!

RESOLUTON 4: Kiss Products Goodbye Gradually

You don’t need to throw out a brand new, nearly full conditioner or your all-time favorite moisturizer come the first of January. Strike a balance and start with easier products first so you can pay attention to what you like and don’t like about the natural alternative. In general, clean products have evolved in a major way over recent years to resolve some of the traditional tensions associated with the transition from synthetics to naturals. However, it still takes time to find products tailored to your specific needs and features, and frankly we feel strongly that there is room to improve when it comes to the clean beauty status quo.

This is why we hold ourselves to our own product criteria and design our formulas to perform in line with synthetic products, but with Vegan, Cruelty Free, naturally-derived ingredients. For example, consumers rave about our scents which are uniquely made from essential oils, not artificial fragrances.

RESOLUTION 5: Cheers to practicing patience

Transitioning to a natural body care regimen takes time, education and a lot of trial and error. You are adjusting to different product shopping experiences, textures, scents, and results—sometimes for better and sometimes for worse as you experiment. No matter how many changes you make or how quickly, you are taking the right steps to invest in better lifestyle decisions for yourself and the planet so try not to lose sight of that commitment. Approach the transition with patience, realistic expectations, and an open mind so you can stick with your resolutions and create a long-term routine reset.

Team Each & Every is rooting for you every step of the way!

Cheers and Happy New Years!

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