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Read about the trends we saw at the 2019 Natural Products Expo East

At Each & Every we feel it is important to make sure we are in the know and bringing you the highest quality natural ingredients that are being discovered. 

We just attended Expo East, one of the largest natural products expos in the world, where we had a booth to connect with consumers and suppliers. We discovered the following trends that we thought you might be interested in:

  1. Mushrooms were everywhere! We are digging more into the science to understand the possible skin benefits, but based on how they were being positioned at the expo, it seems they could help reduce inflammation. Would you like to see E&E launch a mushroom variant? 
  2. Sustainable packaging isn’t making a lot of progress… As many of you know, we have been on a journey to find a sustainable solution for our packaging but have run into issues finding something that’s truly sustainable and works with our formula. We were excited to attend talks on sustainable packaging and explore other brands’ booths at the expo to gain insight on other options we should pursue. However, beyond recycling, we did not see any great options on packaging.  We will continue to explore options as we know we need to get to better sustainable options for our planet! 
  3. CBD and Cannabis continue to be a hot topic!  We hope you are enjoying our Cannabis & Green Tea variant that is sourced from a supplier who uses no synthetics for our organic cannabis sativa seed oil. Now that several states are passing laws to legalize CBD and Cannabis, more research to understand the benefits scientifically are being conducted. We are monitoring this information to ensure we provide you with the most current and trustworthy data available. 
  4. Cauliflower is having a moment. Although this was mainly seen in food where everything from dough's to vegetarian chicken nuggets were being made out of cauliflower, it will be interesting to see if it spills over into products as well. 
  5. Scentspiration. We saw a lot of great new fragrances and scent combinations at the expo and it has us excited! Some of the scents we have on our radar include: hibiscus, rosemary, basil, elderberry, and grapefruit. We’re excited to take some of this new scent inspiration and explore new combinations that we can bring to E&E. Reply to this email if you have any ideas!

We would love to hear your thoughts on the trends above and any suggestions for new E&E products!  Drop us a comment on this post or shoot us an email at