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When Should Your Child Start Using Deodorant?

A picture of a tween volleyball player with Each & Every natural deodorant

So you’re wondering when the right time is for your child to start wearing deodorant? The short answer is there isn’t a specific age that’s right for every child, it’s based on whenever you feel the time is right. However, there are some factors to consider when making your decision.

Signs It's Time to Consider a Deodorant for Your Child

  • At the onset of puberty: This is typically ages 8-13 for girls or 9-14 for boys. Signs can include:
    • Girls: Breast development
    • Boys: Vocal changes
    • Girls & Boys: Underarm or pubic hair
  • Noticeable body odor: This may happen prior to puberty, you may especially notice this if your child is an athlete as active children’s sweat glands will work hard, resulting in odor

In any of the situations above it’s important to note sweating and odor are perfectly normal! Sweating is natural in many situations and carries out an important bodily function. The main reason you sweat is to cool your body and regulate your temperature, both very important functions to keep your body working effectively.

Good hygiene can also help combat body odor. If you’re concerned about your child’s hygiene, try following these tips:

Tips for Good Hygiene in Tweens & Teens

  1. Encourage your child to bathe daily. This is especially important following sporting or other sweaty activities. Ensure they are washing all parts of their body, including those that are more prone to sweating.
  2. Ensure they are wearing clean clothes daily. Loose fitting cotton clothes are often helpful and more comfortable when dealing with sweat.
  3. Consider buying them a deodorant to use daily.

Should I Purchase Deodorant or Antiperspirant for my Child?

These terms are often used interchangeably, but there are differences you may want to consider before purchasing one or the other for your child. Antiperspirants work to reduce both sweat and odor from your underarms by aluminum plugging the sweat duct. On the other hand, deodorants help to reduce only odor by helping to reduce odor-causing bacteria on top of the skin. 

Each & Every deodorants are designed with sensitive skin in mind, contain fewer ingredients, and will keep your child fresh and odor-free. With this deodorant you can rest assured your child is using a safe, simple and effective deodorant that will give them the confidence to carry out their daily routine, odor-free. Our most loved scents for teens and tweens are Coconut & Lime, Rose & Vanilla, or Lavender & Lemon, but you can’t go wrong with any of our 8 options.

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