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Why to Consider a Natural Deodorant

3 Reasons You Should Switch to a Natural, Aluminum-Free Deodorant

While deodorant isn’t always top of mind, many of us rely on it to get us through our busy days, odor-free. It can be confusing to navigate which product to use, but there are a number of reasons why you may want to consider using a natural deodorant.

If You Have Sensitive Skin
The underarm area has thin, delicate skin which can be more prone to irritation. Regular antiperspirants and deodorants may increase the risk for irritation, resulting in bumps, itchiness, redness, and discomfort.  Ingredients that may cause irritation include aluminum (used to block sweat glands), alcohol (allows for fast drying and cool application), fragrance (to mask body odor) and parabens (used as preservatives in many products). Since these ingredients can be more harsh if you have sensitive skin, they may cause dryness, rashes or more.

Natural deodorants can be a great solution for people with sensitive skin, however, they are not all made equal. You may want to avoid natural deodorants containing baking soda as it can be harsh on skin, often resulting in irritation.  Each & Every contains no aluminum, parabens, or baking soda. Our deodorants also have no synthetic fragrance, only high-quality essential oils to give our deodorant an incredible scent that is 100% natural. 

If You Want to Sweat Naturally
It may seem uncomfortable, but the truth is you are supposed to sweat! In fact, it’s healthy to sweat as it is our bodies’ way of regulating our temperature.  Antiperspirants contain aluminum, which works to form a plug in your sweat ducts to prevent sweating.  Natural deodorants, like Each & Every, do not contain pore-blocking ingredients, like aluminum, and instead allow you to sweat naturally so your body can work as intended.  Our deodorant contains tapioca starch to help absorb wetness on top of the skin and minimize the wetness feel without stopping your natural sweating process.

If You Are Health Conscious
Many people have become concerned about the long-term health effects of deodorant ingredients, such as aluminum and parabens. Some studies have found the use of these ingredients in antiperspirants increase the risk of developing breast cancer, Alzheimer’s disease, and other types of cancer. While there are no conclusive scientific studies showing a direct causal relationship between aluminum in antiperspirants and cancer, many people have started using natural deodorants for peace of mind in lieu of traditional antiperspirants, which contain more chemicals. 

Are You Ready to Make the Switch, but Unsure Which Natural Deodorant You Should Use?

Now that you’ve read up on the differences, it’s time to choose a natural deodorant that meets your needs. It’s important to note that all-natural deodorants are different, and one that works for a friend may not work for you as everyone’s body chemistry is different and reacts differently to ingredients.

At Each & Every we are dedicated to providing you with an effective natural deodorant that actually works to keep you odor free!  We believe it’s what’s ‘not’ inside that counts, that’s why we crafted a natural deodorant with no aluminum, parabens, synthetics or baking soda. You can read more about our ingredients here.

Nervous to try a natural deodorant for the first time because it might not work? We offer a money-back guarantee!

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